Monday, 26 November 2012


On Friday night the seeing was really good. For those unsure what I mean by "seeing", its basically a way of saying that the atmosphere was stable and that there wasn't has much moisture in the air.

Unfortunately for me, I was at work........................fortunately for me, we were a man down so I was required to carry out mealbreaks. Incorporating my own mealbreak gave me a 3 hour window of opportunity to get the scope out and have a play. I setup just outside the front door of my workplace, turned off as many lights as I could to reduce light pollution and started imaging. Rather than use laptops, Goto mounts, webcams and Guiding equipment, I kept it simple and used my basic EQ3 mount with the SW ED100 DS Pro refractor attached and fitted the DSLR directly to it using a x2 Barlow lens.

Quick exposures of about 50th sec at ISO 200 were used for the image of Jupiter. 10 of the final RAW files were then stacked in Registax to created the final image which was given a quick adjust in Photoshop.
You can also see three of Jupiters moons.

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Below is a re-edit I took of Jupiter a while ago.

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I also took a few shots of OUR moon of which the below image is one of the best.

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